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The Economist: A new kind of insurance may protect herders against drought

AS WELL as a cheque for $700, a knowing look passed between Hassan Bashir and Bashir Mohamed, his 80-year-old father. A payment at a ceremony for herders in Wajir, a town near Kenya’s border with Somalia, settled an argument dating back to 1997, when the son moved into the insurance business…

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The Guardian: Kenyan herders reap dividends from livestock insurance

About 650 herders in the vast arid area of Marsabit in northern Kenya last week received the first insurance payouts from an unusual project designed to cushion the impact of drought on pastoralists…

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The Guardian: Kenya’s drought insurance scheme shelters herders from financial storm

It was almost inevitable that the day chosen to make the first drought insurance payments in Wajir, in the arid north-east of Kenya, would be the same day the rains came…

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